An Interview with Bruce DelMonico, Assistant Dean of Admissions at Yale SOM

Posted by David White

In this interview, Bruce DelMonico, Assistant Dean for Admissions at the Yale SOM, talks about the things that make the SOM unique:

  1. How SOM students benefit from Yale University’s overall resources
  2. The SOM’s Raw Cases, and how they differ from traditional cases
  3. The “Slingshot” program SOM uses to get students interview-ready
  4. The SOM’s connections to the tech industry, including SOM alumni in executive roles at Google and Apple
  5. How Yale SOM supports international students (and students of all kinds who want to work internationally)
  6. Entrepreneurship at the SOM
  7. The dreaded video essays!

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To read more about the topics we discussed in this interview:

  1. Yale SOM employment reports
  2. Raw Cases
  3. Yale SOM’s resources for entrepreneurs

Or, start your application now: Apply to Yale SOM

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