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GMAT Prep Course

Our live GMAT Prep Course gives students a 10-week path to success, including 5 weeks of live lessons along with guidance on a 5-week phase of timed exercises and practice tests.

Perfect for newcomers and students deep into their study, the GMAT Prep Course will teach you test-taking strategies you won’t learn anywhere else, along with practical, hands-on lessons covering every major section of the test.

You’ll watch live class streams through a customized platform that allows you to not only communicate seamlessly with your instructor but also learn valuable lessons from your classmates.

And if you ever miss a lesson, recordings are made available on-demand.

Classes run for 5 weeks and include example problems and homework assignments based on problem sets carefully curated from GMAC’s official resources.

That means no third-party content, and no surprises on test day.

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1:1 Private Tutoring

Our professional GMAT tutors are highly knowledgeable in the latest GMAT test-taking strategies and can provide valuable insights to help you maximize your score on the exam.

Your tutor will help you identify the topics most likely to impact your performance and will ensure that your time is used efficiently and effectively as you work towards your target score.

Official GMAT problems will be assigned as homework, and other self-study resources will be made available to you to enhance your prep.

Thanks to our streamlined curriculum and the quality of our instruction, numerous Menlo Coaching GMAT students have gone on to win $60,000, $100,000 or even full-tuition scholarships at top MBA programs after achieving a great GMAT score.

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The “Complete Package”

Get a double discount by bundling our GMAT Prep Course with 6 hours of 1:1 tutoring.

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Next course begins January 11, 2023.
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Private Tutoring Packages

10% Off
10 Hours

If you’re still 50-80 points from where you’d like to be, our 10 hour tutoring package will give you the tools you need to close the gap and reach your target score.

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14 Hours

If you’re still early in your GMAT study and want to develop strong test-taking strategies and time management skills, our 14 hour package will help you lay a strong foundation.

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20 Hours

If you’re relatively new to the GMAT and want expert support from start to finish, our 20 hour package can take you all the way to a 700+ score.

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GMAT Prep Course

10% Off Live Instruction

Menlo Coaching’s GMAT Prep Course is designed with busy test-takers in mind.

Our highly efficiently curriculum gives you all the strategies, tips, and tricks you need to earn a competitive score—as fast as possible.

Next course begins January 11, 2023.
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