GMAT Prep Course

Faster than self-study and more affordable than private tutoring, our GMAT prep course is designed for students aiming for 700+.

High-Quality GMAT Prep Online

Join a supportive community and learn from one of the industry’s most experienced instructors.

The most cost-effective way to prepare for the GMAT is with a live online course.  The five-week program allows you to gain all the major skills and strategies required to succeed on the test, saving you time vs. self-study and delivering results at a lower cost than if you began private tutoring immediately.

A GMAT Prep Course that Delivers Results

In our GMAT online courses, we guarantee:

  • A fast-paced course. The basics are covered by “Refresh Modules” distributed ahead of time, allowing classroom discussions to skip the easy concepts and focus on the tougher topics and advanced strategies for which you need an expert’s help.
  • A highly engaged classroom. Adobe Connect includes live video of your instructor, group chat, text messaging, and an online whiteboard where our instructors solve problems interactively. Be ready to be cold called!
  • A supportive community. In the classroom, you’ll learn not only from the instructor but from the incredibly smart students around you;  outside the classroom, you can find study buddies and moral support through our private online community.
  • Access to all recordings. If your busy schedule means that you must miss a session, or if you simply want to review the material one more time, you’ll be able to catch up with video recordings of YOUR group sessions.
GMAT Tutor helps students master concepts

What does the GMAT Prep Course offer?

35 Hours of Live Instruction

Chris Kane, who has been teaching the GMAT since 2004 and helped more than 5,000 students achieve their target scores, leads our online GMAT prep courses personally.  He has built an advanced and effective curriculum that you cover through  interactive live lessons during the course.

“Refresh” Modules

Our self-study materials cover the basics of every major GMAT content area:

  • Algebra
  • Arithmetic (including exponents, factors and multiples, percentages, etc.)
  • Word problems
  • Geometry
  • Statistics 
  • Critical reasoning
  • Sentence correction

Use these materials to cover the basics when it fits into your schedule, saving the classroom time for the advanced application of this material in which you truly need an expert’s help.

A Structured GMAT Study Plan Using Official Resources

After completing our proprietary refresh modules and lessons, we give you homework that’s based on curated problem sets from the official resources (which you’ll buy directly from GMAC) in every major test area.  We don’t use “proprietary” problems for homework for a simple reason–they don’t work. GMAC’s extensive team of Ph.D. psychometricians design elegant problems that test your fundamental reasoning skills, and no third-party test prep company can match their resources.

Because a good GMAT study plan is so important, we offer a detailed study plan for you to use both during and after the course.  Every step toward a 700+ score is carefully mapped out in our comprehensive program.

Get a taste of what it’s like working with Chris

GMAT Strategy Video: Prime Factor Form

In this video, Chris covers the strategies needed to approach prime factor questions on the GMAT.

GMAT Prep Course Schedule and Syllabus

Each week of our 5-week course includes two 2.5-hour lessons and one 2-hour homework review session. The program is designed so that you can take the official GMAT exam between 3 and 5 weeks after completing the course. (You’ll do timed practice sets and official practice tests after the course ends using a detailed GMAT study plan.)

GMAT Prep Course: Winter 2021 Course Schedule

NOTE:  All times in U.S. Eastern Time. Homework Review Sessions are from noon – 2pm on Thursdays for this course (to accommodate European students) but are recorded and available immediately after the live session. 

Introduction to the GMAT  Thursday, Jan 14th 12pm – 2pm OR
6:30pm – 8:30pm*
ArithmeticSaturday, Jan 16th11am – 1:30pm
Critical Reasoning ISunday, Jan 17th11am – 1:30pm
Homework Review SessionThursday, Jan 21st12pm – 2pm
AlgebraSaturday, Jan 23rd11am – 1:30pm
Reading ComprehensionSunday, Jan 24th11am – 1:30pm
Homework Review SessionThursday, Jan 28th12pm – 2pm
Word ProblemsSaturday, Jan 30th11am – 1:30pm
Sentence Correction 1Sunday, Jan 31st11am – 1:30pm
Homework Review SessionThursday, Feb 4th12pm – 2pm
Geometry and StatisticsSaturday, Feb 6th11am – 1:30pm
Sentence Correction IISunday, Feb 7th11am – 1:30pm
Homework Review SessionThursday, Feb 11th12pm – 2pm
Data SufficiencySaturday, Feb 13th11am – 1:30pm
Critical Reasoning II + Final Preparations  Sunday, Feb 14th11am – 1:30pm
*Two sessions to accommodate both US & European students.

Pricing and Guarantee

The GMAT Prep Course is $2,000, and includes a no questions asked satisfaction guarantee: if you are not satisfied with the course, notify us before the third content lesson, “Algebra”, and receive a full refund, minus a $100 administrative fee.

Who is the Right Fit for the Menlo Coaching GMAT Course?

In working with over 5,000 students in his career, Chris has seen every type of student imaginable.  One of the main goals of our GMAT program is to create a culture of excellence and respect where everyone benefits from the shared experience of bringing together smart, motivated people.  By spelling out these expectations clearly, we attract only the very best and brightest to our company and our courses. If you are not wholeheartedly committed to the high standard demanded by the GMAT, we respectfully ask that you choose another test prep company.

Menlo Coaching GMAT wants students who pledge to:

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