Team-based MBA Interviews


Wharton is unique in using a Team Based Discussion as part of its interview process.  You’ll join a group of 5 or 6 applicants (occasionally more) to discuss a project related to developing the Wharton school.  Previous discussion prompts have included how a fictitious $1M donation should be spent, or launching a new McNulty Leadership program like a workshop or expedition.

We will host these workshops after applicants have been invited by Wharton and before the Team Based Discussion takes place.  The workshops will be held via group video chat using Webex.  The workshop will include some general advice, appearances from a guest speaker (a previous participant in a live Team Based Discussion at Wharton), a full-length mock Team Based Discussion, and feedback afterward.


Target audience

MBA applicants who have been invited by Wharton to a Team Based Discussion.  Please do not enroll if you have not been invited by Wharton.



Please submit the idea you’ll propose during the Team Based Discussion.



No materials are required for this course.


Duration and expected time investment

The workshop lasts approximately two hours.  If you would benefit from additional practice in a team setting, you may wish to book a second practice session.



$400 per participant


Workshop topics

  1. Your proposal
  2. Opportunities to distinguish yourself
    1. Make your proposal first
    2. Put in place a structure for managing the team’s time
    3. Constructively object to bad ideas (e.g. re-opening old decisions)
    4. Relating your idea to those of other teammates
  3. Potential issues
    1. Too nice / too much consensus
    2. Not focused enough on task at hand, run out of time
    3. No clear division of responsibilities for final presentation

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