Resume Writing


In this workshop, we will discuss the different ways in which you might use a resume in advancing your career, such as submitting it with a job application, passing it to a friend, or including it as part of a graduate school application package.  You’ll need to tailor the resume depending on the audience, especially if you’re coming from a specialized job field; certain details may be relevant only when you’re seeking a job in your own field and can trust that the reader also knows all of the jargon and terminology.

We’ll also cover guidelines about what to include and what to leave out, and which writing style is most appropriate for a resume (including ways to make the resume-friendly for technologies like applicant tracking systems and other databases).  We will also give some basic guidelines for creating a strong LinkedIn profile.


Target audience

Anyone who is preparing a resume for a job search, networking or a graduate school application.



Please submit a copy of your latest resume and send us a link to your LinkedIn profile.



Menlo Coaching will provide a sample resume as part of this course.


Duration and expected time investment

The workshop is a half-day workshop.  You should expect to spend another 5 hours after the workshop revising your resume based on our advice.



$400 per participant


Workshop topics


  1. Understand your audiences
    1. HR and talent acquisition
    2. Hiring managers
    3. Admissions committees
    4. Application tracking systems and other databases
  2. Writing about your work experience
    1. Describing your employer’s business
    2. Defining your role
    3. Summarizing your achievements
  3. Stylistic conventions for resumes
    1. Fragments and other abbreviations
    2. Appropriate choice of verbs
  4. Formatting
  5. What to include and what to leave out
    1. Extracurricular activities
    2. Personal interests
    3. Awards & memberships
    4. Referees
    5. Summaries and objectives
    6. Test scores
    7. Certifications
  6. How is your resume different from your LinkedIn profile?


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