Networking for MBA Applications


Making connections at your prospective schools is vitally important to the success of your applications. When the adcom reads your application, they are in part trying to “see” you at their school. The best way for you to demonstrate your fit with the school is to talk about the positive interactions you’ve had with students, alumni and faculty. This not only shows your fit, but distinguishes you from applicants whose research is limited to what they could do online.

In this workshop we’ll discuss different methods of networking with your target schools, including campus visits, sitting in on classes, speaking to current students and alumni, and attending informational events.


Target audience

MBA applicants and potential applicants






No materials are required for this course.


Duration and expected time investment

The workshop is a half-day workshop.  Because we recommend visiting the MBA programs where you wish to apply, implementing our advice can take several weeks of travel time for a person who is visiting 6+ schools and spending a day or two at each one.



$400 per participant


Workshop topics

  1. Why networking is important
  2. Different networking techniques
    1. Campus visits
    2. Class visits
    3. Info sessions
    4. Student ambassadors
    5. Other current students
    6. Alumni
    7. Admissions officers and staff
  3. Special cases: informal recommenders

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