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All top business schools across the world use essays as part of the initial selection process.  Topics on which you have to write typically fall into one of three categories: (1) Why do you want to do an MBA and how will our program help you to achieve your goals? (2) Tell us about yourself; (3) Tell us about a time you led a team, faced culture shock, failed at a goal you set yourself, etc.

Our workshop will give you the tools to prepare you for every part of the essay-writing process.  We will start by discussing how to think about your own personal story and about your career goals.  We’ll then move on to prepare you for the actual writing process.  Important topics are: the right structure for each type of essay, developing a fresh and clear writing style and avoiding writer’s block.  We will use examples of good and bad writing by past applicants to see what does and doesn’t work.

At the end of this workshop, you will have a clear idea of how to approach the essay-writing process and gained some practice in developing your own clear writing style.


Target audience

MBA applicants and potential applicants






No materials are required for this course.


Duration and expected time investment

The workshop is a half-day workshop.  The process of actually writing the essays is very time consuming; depending on your talent as a writer, you may spend as much as 50 hours per school to produce your best essays.  We offer support in the form of 1:1 coaching, and this can be booked separately from the workshop.



$400 per participant


Workshop topics

  1. Goals of the essay questions
    1. Gain a better understanding of the applicant as a person
    2. Evaluate the applicant’s career goals
    3. Test the applicant’s written communication skills
  2. Different types of essay questions
    1. Why this school?
    2. Introduce yourself
    3. Give an example
  3. The process
    1. Brainstorm
    2. Developing your profile
    3. Mapping your stories onto the questions
    4. Drafting your outlines
    5. Writing the essays
    6. Editing and fine-tuning
  4. Writing style
    1. Orwell’s principles
    2. Writing clearly and simply
  5. Examples of successful essays (before and after)
    1. Why this school?
    2. Introduce yourself
    3. Give an example
  6. Hands-on practice

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