MBA Application Interviews


Nearly all top business schools use interviews as part of the selection process.  At some schools, you are free to schedule your own interview without first receiving an invitation, and at others you must submit your written application first and wait for the interview invitation.

Whether your interviewer is an alum, a second-year student or a member of the admissions committee, you’re likely to face some of the same questions on basic topics, like why you want to pursue an MBA and what you hope to do after graduation.  You are also likely to face a range of behavioral questions (“Tell me about a time when you …”).  We will discuss the reasons why the schools ask these questions so that you can formulate suitable answers.

Finally, we’ll discuss several related topics that come up after an interviewer: asking thoughtful questions to the interviewer, and sending them a note afterward to thank them for their time.


Target audience

MBA applicants who have been invited to interview or who are planning to apply to schools with open interview policies.






Menlo Coaching will provide a list of approximately 30 sample interview questions drawn from the interview experiences of our previous clients.


Duration and expected time investment

The workshop is a half-day workshop.  You should expect to spend another 5 hours to develop the content of your answers, and another 5-10 hours in a mix of self-practice, practice with partners (e.g. colleagues, friends), and 1:1 mock interviews booked separately with Menlo Coaching.



$400 per participant


Workshop topics

  1. Different types of interviewers
    1. Alumni
    2. Students
    3. Adcom
  2. Goals of the interview
    1. Evaluate interpersonal skills
    2. Check consistency with rest of application
    3. Sometimes: test ability to remain calm under pressure
  3. Basic questions
    1. Introduce yourself
    2. What are your career goals?
    3. Why an MBA?
    4. Why our school?
    5. Why should we admit you?
  4. Tricky questions
    1. Where else did you apply?
    2. Strengths and weaknesses
    3. Describe yourself / how would your colleagues describe you?
  5. Behavioral questions
    1. Successes
    2. Failures
    3. Challenges or disagreements
    4. Leading a project
  6. Questions for the interviewer
  7. Following up after the interview

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