Tania Bozheva


Tania is passionate about human behavior and analytical data. At Menlo Coaching, this is reflected in Tania’s digital marketing function with a purpose to continue attracting exceptional clients and shaping a unique brand image. Tania contributes to providing an outstanding quality service by handling the project management side of coaching, helping applicants progress seamlessly through application materials and supporting coaches where needed.

Her favorite part about working at Menlo Coaching is the healthy environment of a company that encourages growth and self-reflection.

Tania received her B.A. in Management at Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. While completing her Bachelor’s degree she studied abroad at a business school in Germany. After that, she won a scholarship for her Master of Business Administration in Strategy and Organization at Vrije University in Amsterdam.

Prior to joining Menlo Coaching, Tania completed internships in large companies such as Mars Incorporated and PricewaterhouseCoopers, had a consultative sales role in a telecommunication company, and ran her own e-commerce and coaching businesses.

Given Tania’s business inclinations, there are two things that typically surprise people in personal conversations: the first is that Tania graduated from art school and likes to paint. The second is that she is passionate about learning languages (she speaks Russian, English, Dutch and German). One of her greatest achievements is having authored a best-selling book on the productivity concept.

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