Patrick Magee


Patrick supports prospective and current applicants during the early stages of their relationship with Menlo Coaching, acting as a bridge between applicant and coach.

He also assists with outreach strategy and general service development.

Every day, Patrick looks forward to speaking with applicants from a wide variety of personal and professional backgrounds. 

Patrick obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences from University College Utrecht and went on to receive a Master’s Degree in Crisis & Security Management from Leiden University’s Faculty of Governance & Global Affairs in The Hague.

Whilst at university he was the Managing Editor of the student newspaper and helped lead the introduction teams for incoming students. Before joining Menlo he has worked as a freelance academic writer and as the Country Manager of an international start-up, where he built and managed its UK branch. He has also done some volunteer work in Palestine, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Originally from Ireland, Patrick moved to the Netherlands to study and quickly found a place in the Dutch and international communities he found that he was well suited for. He has an interest in cinema and history and likes to keep active by rollerblading and playing basketball. He’s also a fan of hiking when outside the Netherlands.

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