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I want a GMAT coach who loves to teach.

Most people take the GMAT and then decide to teach it. Nikhil flipped the script. As a sophomore at Yale University, he wanted to help a friend applying to business school and took the GMAT so that he could understand the test from a test taker’s point of view.

It only took him two weeks of study to score a 770. Since then, he’s put in hundreds of hours learning the tricks of the test so that he can teach them to his students quickly and efficiently. Nikhil loves teaching so much that over half of the tutoring he has done was pro bono; he worked tirelessly to help disadvantaged students access competitive business schools.

I want to work with someone applying GMAT skills every day.

After graduating from Yale with degrees in computer science and economics, Nikhil founded a tech startup building in the Alzheimer’s diagnostic space. He likens mastering the GMAT to being an effective startup operator: it’s all about the details and looking at problems from every possible angle. Nikhil says:

“In the startup world, it’s often not easy to identify the root pain point causing a consumer problem. It takes a diligent eye, one that dives past the surface to really understand an issue. The GMAT is much the same way. At the high level, you really need to go past the obvious. That’s what I help students do.”

I want someone in my corner.

Nikhil combines his rigorous approach with a focus on being an accessible learning companion and going through the GMAT journey with you. His students always praise his amiable style, saying that his class feels like “working with a friend.” Get ready for the most fun you’ll ever have doing test prep!


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