Michael Howlett, M.B.A.

GMAT Tutor

Even after plenty of preparation, the GMAT can appear daunting. On a fundamental level, it’s a roughly three-hour barrage of questions, nearly all of which are meant to push you to the limits of your abilities…who would even agree to take such a test??

I want a GMAT coach who will help me go from “defensive” to “offensive” on the test.

Michael can help you develop the skills, strategies, and confidence to not just survive the test but to attack it. Having worked as professional GMAT course instructor and tutor since 2014 (and having taught and tutored other subjects for many years before that), Michael has helped numerous students dramatically improve their performance. With the right type of preparation, you too can sit down on test day knowing you’re ready and able to get the high score you need to achieve your goals.

I need to improve quickly (and did I mention my life is crazy busy?)

Michael’s “talk-me-through-it” approach will help both of you quickly identify areas where you can improve. Coming from an engineering and science background, he likes to emphasize a structured and repeatable approach to each problem type, whereby each step in the process helps to focus in on the approach and then the answer.

His organized and thoughtful tutoring sessions, when coupled with Menlo Coaching’s exceptional curriculum and other online resources, will help make sure that your preparation time is spent effectively and efficiently to address your specific needs.

I want this to be fun (or at least not too painful)!

For just about everybody, doing well on the GMAT requires some hard graft. Not everyone gets excited about standardized tests and that’s fine. That said, there’s no reason there can’t be a bit of joy in the process. Michael’s students often comment how his enthusiasm, approachability, and off-beat sense of humor not only made their time with him enjoyable, but also helped keep them motivated and engaged.

Having completed his MBA in finance at the University of Cambridge, Michael is happy to help you with any questions you may have regarding applications, admissions, and the broader MBA experience. While in Cambridge he played varsity ice hockey, lived in John Maynard Keynes childhood home, regularly ate meals in a 14th century castle, and just generally had way too much fun (often while dressed in a gown, tuxedo, or fancy-dress costume).

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