Ethan Todras-Whitehill

GMAT Tutor

Through over a decade of work studying and teaching the GMAT, Ethan can help you understand what the exam questions are actually testing, and how to use that knowledge to get to the right answer in unexpected ways.

I want a GMAT expert who can help me go beyond the content to understand what the test makers are thinking—and how to beat them.

So many teachers—and so many programs—stop where the real GMAT prep begins, as if they were preparing students for a math test, a grammar test, or a reading test. Ethan picks up where they leave off, explaining that all the grammar and math you’ve mastered are just the starting point, the language of the larger challenge of problem-solving and logic!

“Ethan is a great GMAT prep teacher! I began with self-studying and my score did not improve at all. Once I began the course, I saw a dramatic increase in my score as well as my confidence. Ethan really honed into the important concepts and provided fun examples to help drive the concepts. When I started the course, my score was 580. Once I completed it, my score increased to 700. I recommend those who are considering GMAT prep to enroll with Ethan, you definitely won’t regret it!”

I want an instructor who can help make the GMAT accessible and even…fun?

Nobody told us GMAT prep was supposed to suck. Once you have gotten past the content refresher to the true subject matter of the GMAT (spoiler: logical problem-solving), Ethan can help you engage with the mental tete-a-tete in engaging and enjoyable ways. Yes, studying for the GMAT can actually be a lot of fun!

“Ethan was an amazing teacher. He brings the class to life, is incredibly engaging, and is hysterically funny. I can’t speak highly enough of him. During my practice tests I hear him in my head saying: “Nobody expects the difference of two squares!!” And I know people talk about his Great Fool’s strategy but seriously, it sticks with you and it’s hilarious. His strategies stay with you during the test. Believe it or not, he makes studying for the GMAT fun and makes the test feel beatable.”

I want a teacher who can help me knock my verbal section out of the park.

Before Ethan ever took the GMAT or thought about teaching it, he was a freelance writer for the New York Times and other outlets. Ethan has consistently helped students conquer both sides of the GMAT, but his writing experience and well-beyond-99th-percentile verbal score (on his way to a 780) make him one of the most trusted verbal experts in the industry.

“His attention to detail and reason were and are relentless, these qualities not only details his mastery of both the verbal and quantitative section of the GMAT, but also details the care he has for each individual to succeed and to understand the material he presents. As someone who has not fared well on standardized tests in the past Ethan helped me divorce the performances of my past and give me the confidence to tackle the biggest challenge of my life. I found out the other day that I was accepted into the only school I sought after for graduate school. Without Ethan and the program I do not believe I would have gained admission to my dream school. I can not thank Ethan and this program enough.”


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