Danae Anderson

Sr. Admissions Consultant

Danae is an experienced professional, a gifted writer, and a caring mentor. After finishing her degrees in literature and linguistics, Danae put her talent for teaching to good use, leading countless students to academic success in higher education.

Alongside her background in teaching, Danae has a master’s in Management and strong commercial skills, having served as a product manager at two FTSE 100 companies. Drawing on this varied experience in her coaching work, Danae helps clients win admission to top MBA programs by honing their personal story and offering practical advice on career goals.

Meet Danae

I want a coach who knows how to guide me to write my story.

Academically, Danae discovered her passion for language very early on, which led her to earn a B.A. in English Language and Literature and an M.Sc. in Linguistics from one of the top three universities for linguistics worldwide – the University of Edinburgh. Professionally, she has over 4 years of teaching experience at private language schools and post-secondary education institutions, helping students and professionals find their voice in their second language. Over the course of these 9 years, Danae learned what makes an essay compelling and how to guide you to write a story that stands out.

I want a coach who understands my background and knows how to present my achievements to the admissions committee.

Danae has worked with applicants from a diverse range of pre-MBA industries, including consulting, finance, and product management. And while she will draw on her detailed knowledge of these sectors to help you communicate your workplace achievements, what will truly set your application apart is Danae’s ability to conceptually link your resume to your career goals to your personal essays in a cohesive, convincing way. 

That is, Danae will help you to look beyond the specifics of your industry experience, identifying pivotal moments in your personal and professional life that you may have overlooked. From these stories, she’ll help you develop a set of complementary documents that convey a singular idea to the admission committee: you are an ideal candidate for their MBA program.

I want a coach who is attentive and enthusiastic about my success.

Throughout her career, one of the most rewarding aspects for Danae has been helping others succeed. As a teacher, she found fulfilment in seeing her students progress and gain admission to higher education. As a product manager, she enabled teams of engineers, data scientists, designers, and marketing professionals to build and promote great products and meaningfully contribute to the success of any launch. Danae has also acted as a mentor at Elsevier, supporting colleagues who were just breaking into product management, and helping technical team members develop business skills.

As a coach, Danae is excited to be helping you succeed on your MBA admissions journey.

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