Catherine Chen


Fascinated with human behaviors as well as statistical analysis, Catherine puts her passions to good use at Menlo Coaching: as an associate, Catherine conducts market research to identify areas for growth and expansion. Then, using her writing and communication skills, she creates resources and outreach materials for potential clients. 

For existing clients, Catherine assists in project management and general coach support, helping to guide MBA applicants through the Menlo Coaching service.

Catherine appreciates the international atmosphere of Menlo Coaching and working with clients from all over the world.

Catherine attained her bachelor’s degree in Economics and Psychology from Baylor University in the United States. During her undergraduate study, she did a summer study abroad program at Imperial College London, which inspired her to return and study in Europe. Thereafter, Catherine obtained a master’s degree in Psychology from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in the United Kingdom.

During her academic career, Catherine was actively involved in various student organizations. She served as vice-president or held other leadership positions for student clubs and honor societies. Having lived in different countries, she volunteered as an international student group leader, welcoming international students helping them transition smoothly into their new environment. Before joining Menlo, Catherine worked as a freelancer for a consultancy firm based in London and provided assistance for several marketing and management consultancy projects.

Passionate about different cultures, Catherine loves to travel. Speaking fluent English and Chinese, she continuously seeks to improve her language skills, and is actively learning French and Dutch. Catherine is interested in art, literature, and philosophy, and can often be spotted in art exhibitions and theaters. She also enjoys practicing yoga, hiking, and spending quality time with friends and family.


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