Ava Irani, Ph.D.


Ava is committed to supporting coaches in helping their clients succeed. At Menlo Coaching, Ava spends part of her time serving as a project manager on clients’ application materials and their progress, and the other half of her time as part of the digital marketing team working on producing high-quality content for those interested in learning more about Menlo Coaching and the MBA application process in general. 

Her favorite part about working at Menlo Coaching is being surrounded by people who come from a diverse range of backgrounds like opera singing and journalism. 

Before moving to the Netherlands last year, Ava earned her Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania and Georgetown University respectively. During her Ph.D., Ava served as a reviewer and editor for top journals and volumes in her field, while publishing multiple articles. She has taught and advised hundreds of students in her 10-year career in higher education. In the past, she has also consulted for large tech companies such as IBM, working with them to improve the functioning of their language-based products.

One of Ava’s never-dwindling interests is learning about different cultures. She has travelled to over 30 countries, and has lived on three continents. As a linguist, the one question people always ask her is, “how many languages do you speak?” Although Ava likes to carefully tell people that it doesn’t really matter, she does speak eight languages to varying degrees of proficiency. Her favorite Dutch word is ezelsbruggetje “mnemonic”, which literally translates to “little donkey bridge”.

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