Andy Pelletier

Sr. Admissions Consultant

Andy is an accomplished writer, an experienced MBA admissions consultant, and (when circumstances allow) a world traveler. In his work with clients, Andy pairs a natural affinity for storytelling with a deep knowledge of the MBA admissions process, honed over 11 years in the industry.

I want a storyteller, a coach that can help me define and craft my narrative.

Andy understands the power of narrative, and his creative achievements in writing span multiple genres. While still in high school, Andy completed a full-length novel and signed with a literary agency in New York. Later, as an undergraduate majoring in economics at Stanford, Andy served as an academic writing tutor for the university’s most rigorous and selective humanities track. Several years after graduation, Andy completed his first feature screenplay, which culminated in a move to Los Angeles and a contract with Hollywood representation.

Andy draws on these experiences as a coach, and by identifying the most compelling aspects of a client’s personal background, he empowers them to craft highly effective MBA application materials.

I want admissions guidance informed by real-world business experience.

Outside of his creative writing pursuits, Andy has maintained a longstanding interest in business. During his time at Stanford as an undergraduate, Andy took several second-year MBA courses at GSB, and he broadened his knowledge through internships in marketing, equity research & trading, and structured fixed-income securities.

After graduation, he was recruited for a strategic marketing role by an e-commerce start-up. Rising to the position of Program Manager for Online and End-User Marketing in less than a year, his experience includes leading a multi-million-dollar marketing campaign for a high-profile product launch.

I want quality-driven service and continuous improvement.

Andy does not measure his success as a consultant by admittance rate alone. Instead, he strives to provide the highest level of service at all stages of the MBA admissions consulting process, and he works to empower other consultants to do the same.

Prior to joining Menlo Coaching, Andy worked with two prominent MBA consulting firms, first as a consultant and then in an advisory and quality assurance capacity. This included mentoring new consultants, serving as a re-match consultant for clients who were dissatisfied with their original consultant, and conducting webinars for other consultants on story development and essay writing.

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