Menlo Coaching – Amrit Admit Collaboration

Menlo Coaching in collaboration with Amrit Admit is offering comprehensive MBA application guidance to its Indian business-school aspirants. The collaboration includes personalized 1:1 coaching from Amrit Hassaram in conjunction with Menlo Coaching’s customized application platform, a unique step-by-step approach to the MBA admissions process.

Benefits Overview

Menlo Coaching’s OfferingAmrit Admit’s Offering
Access to the Menlo Coaching Application Platform, a strategic and structured approach to MBA admissionsPersonalized 1:1 coaching on all steps of the MBA admissions process and full support on completion of applications
35+ hours of high-quality educational videos and course materialsMock interview sessions and an opportunity to add bonus schools
Two group session with founding partner, David WhiteContinued career coaching sessions during your MBA

What Amrit Admit Offers

Amrit Hassaram
Amrit Hassaram

By working with Amrit Admit, you will get the benefit of working directly with the Founder, Amrit Hassaram, a Chicago Booth Alum with considerable experience in consulting to guide your applications.

Amrit has helped over 150 Indian students who have obtained $3.2 million in scholarships.

Application Topics Covered

Core Admissions Services

  • School selection
  • Application strategy
  • Resume coaching
  • Essay writing 
  • Interview preparation
  • Recommendation letters

Other Special Services

  • Additional mock interview session with the Amrit Admit’s team
  • Bonus schools for Round 1, if you are able to complete your resume, recommendations, essays and application forms by August 20th, 2021 and
  • A 1-hour free Career Coaching Session during your MBA program

The Menlo Coaching Applications Platform

With the Menlo Coaching Applications Platform, you’ll receive access to our comprehensive course on MBA admissions. This includes 15 different modules with high-quality educational videos and handouts to guide you on every step of the application process. All course materials are laid out within a simple project management tool called Basecamp, so you can track your progress at each step and know exactly what you have to do and when!

Using the Menlo Platform is an easy and productive way to help you thoroughly understand the MBA admissions process as well as organize all the necessary materials required to complete your applications. Applying to business school may seem daunting, but our platform will help you save time and energy for the most important application tasks at hand. 

The platform also offers private pages for you to write, brainstorm, and work through your assignments, without being concerned about the output being visible to others. You may be applying to multiple schools, and therefore will have to write several different essays. You don’t have to worry about keeping track of various drafts for each essay because they can all be organized and stored within the platform.

Discover the unique benefits of the Menlo Coaching Applications Platform

How is the Platform Organized?

The platform organizes the application resources via the following sections: To-dos, Docs & Files, Message Board and Project Activity. These sections serve the following purpose:

MBA Admissions Course Modules & To-Dos

Above you see a To-Do list (e.g., Module 0) published in the Basecamp interface. This module covers all the mandatory tasks to be completed in the MBA application process with assigned due dates. By displaying all the tasks in one place, the platform helps you prepare for everything to be completed thereby giving greater visibility and time to plan for all to-dos.

For each application topic–such as networking with the schools, writing essays or coordinating letters of recommendation–there is an educational module, and the platform gives a clear list of the things that need to be completed thereby reducing the fear of missing out. Further, it helps applicants save time as they do not have to spend hours researching what to do next or planning their approach–we’ve done that for you based on years of experience!

Access the Platform on the Go

The flexibility of the platform to learn and cover the basics anytime, anywhere, with your busy schedule allows you to work on the MBA applications at your convenience. 

Client Progress Dashboard

The Client Progress Dashboard feature in the Menlo Platform allows you to easily visualize your progress and review the status of tasks at a glance. This can help you improve your overall efficiency by identifying areas to act upon and which to plan for next.

As seen in the image above, the dashboard is organized in the following phases:

The content in each of the phases is customized for each applicant based on his or her package thereby making the dashboard relevant and offering information that is pertinent.

Package & Service

The Menlo Coaching-Amrit Admit MBA application package costs between $5300 – $7500, depending on how many schools you are applying to, and can be arranged directly with Amirt Hassaram.